Разработчики бестокенной аутентификации (Tokenless)


Здесь приводятся отзывы наших клиентов в процессе использования программ бестокенной 2-х факторной аутентификации.

T-Mobile UK

We’re a mobile phone company and it’s important that we live up to our brand. We want to make mobile and remote working as easy as possible, while still maintaining the highest levels of security. But running 3,000 secure tokens was proving to be a major overhead, and wasn’t user-friendly. SecurAccess has eliminated those problems. But the best thing about it is that SecurAccess and SecurICE strengthen our own messages about mobile phones, and gives a new layer of functionality to our own products, strengthening our brand values even further. We’re drinking our own champagne with this deal.

Save The Children

Our existing security process used single-factor authentication, which became clearly unsuitable for our needs. We needed to find a way of creating a two-factor system without incurring excessive costs to the charity.


If our pre-sales team forgot their tokens when going out to demonstrate our products to clients remotely, they were unable to access our demonstration environment. This proved an administrative nightmare because they had no other means of logging on to our environment. We were looking for a solution that not only solved this problem and was cost-effective, but also allowed for easy adoption for our pre-sales team.