Разработчики бестокенной аутентификации (Tokenless)


SecurEnvoy East Coast Office opens

Expanding operations across all continents; SecurEnvoy opens a new office in the USAs East Coast.

With financial results now published SecurEnvoy grows its pressence in the USA further with more expansion planned.

Against an industry backdrop of reducing revenues and job losses, SecurEnvoy expand and continues recruiting and expanding. Continue reading


AEP & SecurEnvoy create the secure solution for remote access users

SecurEnvoy and Ultra Electronics AEP Networks joint initiative on Tokenless® mobile phone authenticated remote access from any device

SecurEnvoy and AEP Networks have combined their SecurAccess mobile phone based tokenless® two-factor authentication and LanProtect™ corporate remote access technologies and domain experience to create a simple and highly secure solution for remote access users.

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A quarter of a million Twitter users have had their accounts compromised this weekend!

A quarter of a million Twitter users have had their accounts compromised in the latest of a string of high-profile internet security breaches.

Twitter’s information security director Bob Lord said about 250,000 users’ passwords had been stolen, as well as usernames, emails and other data. Continue reading


Nature’s way of keeping us on our toes?

As the bush fires spread across Queensland and fears of Victoria in NSW also being hit, we see conversely in Europe the snow has hit and brings countries to a stand still!

In both Northern and Southern hemispheres emergencies arise and more often than not, unexpectedly.

This season we know the risk Continue reading


Analysts Gartner reviewed vendors in the two factor authentication market and acknowledged SecurEnvoy as ‘one to watch’

Smartphones and tablets are changing the landscape for Gartner reviews SecurEnvoy how authentication is best performed in the enterprise. The phone-as-a-token authentication method is well-established as an alternative to legacy one-time password (OTP) hardware tokens for consumer-facing Web applications and corporate remote access.

Although some enterprises elect to implement multifactor authentication based  Continue reading


Tokenless Authentication Comes to the Cloud as SecurEnvoy partners with PasswordBank

London (UK) 10th January 2013: SecurEnvoy, passwords are too weakthe inventor of tokenless® authentication, today announced that it has partnered with PasswordBank to bring the leading tokenless two-factor authentication capabilities to the PasswordBank identity management offering.

Customers will be able to access cloud solutions, such as Google Apps, Office365 and Salesforce.com, Continue reading


What is the Value of Customer Credentials?

Last month, organisations received an enormous wake-up call – news of the largest cyber-attack ever on a state government in the US. While the fact that breaches still occur is almost to be expected, it’s the magnitude of what the criminals stand to make from the data stolen that beggars belief. Is there any way to stop criminals profiting from our information? Continue reading



    SecurEnvoy and Securelink present at Den Haag

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    Come and join SecurEnvoy and Securelink on March 6th 2013 to see the future of tokenless authentication in Den Haag.

    The inventors of tokenless two factor authentication visit to present where the future is heading and how this is being addressed in today’s solutions from SecurEnvoy.



    SecurEnvoy and ASD present a roadshow in South Africa

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    Come and join SecurEnvoy, Distributor ASD and Reseller Partners to see the future of tokenless authentication in South Africa from February 18th to February 22nd .

    The inventors of tokenless two factor authentication visit to present where the future is heading and how this is being addres...


публикации в прессе

    Global Banking & Finance Review: Passwords – They’re not going away so you have to get them right

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    Houston, we have a problem. There is no such thing as an un-crackable password. In 1995, the US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) reported that approximately 80 percent of the security incidents they received were related to poorly chosen passwords. Seventeen years later and little has chan...


    The Hidden Cost Of Upgrading Your iPhone

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    Millions of people have already bought the new iPhone 5 which was launched last week (they sold 5 million in the first three days) – and many millions more have it on order. For many others, the new iPhone 5 will bring down the cost of the 4 and 4S, so even if they’re not going to the very la...


    Security company claims that Windows file exposure is proof

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    Security outfit SecurEnvoy claims that the recently discovered  Windows 7/8 password hints file exposure is another nail in the coffin for passwords. It has been reported how hackers can now gain ready access to the password hints file on Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 8 platform.